Tuesday, 13 October 2009

the wall

behind the wall are bright lights
disco lights
behind the wall is music
behind the wall is an ice rink
a swimming pool
behind the wall are people gliding sliding wobbling laughing
in goggles and swimming costumes

in front of the wall the street is bathed in flat streetlamp light that manages to be both orange and grey at the same time

in front of the wall are several people, looking closely at the wall
maybe at the world behind the wall, but also at the wall itself

it is a very thick wall, sturdy and strong

it is also light and delicate, a kind of fuzz of a wall

La Piscine-Patinoire Pailleron, 30 rue Edouard Pailleron, 75019 / Marc Mimram Architecte / 03 october 2009 / la nuit blanche)


p. said...

hey ruth !
it s the iceskqting i was taking about,
i am trying to have a weekly swimmingpool time at pailleron, starting tomorow
(nice blog)

p. said...


ruth said...

morning pia

i thought it might be... i would love to join you swimming, what time are you going?

see you soon!