ruth oldham

born in Edinburgh in 1979

currently lives in Paris

studied architecture at the Glasgow School of Art, Ecole d'Architecture de Paris Belleville and University College London // studied art at the Kent Institute of Design

works as an architect with olivier delaittre // teaches 2nd and 3rd year architecture studio with paul gresham and stephan zimmerli at l'Ecole Nationale SupĆ©rieure d'Architecture de Bretagne 

is interested in mountains (real ones, imaginary ones and man-made ones) // rocks, dust, rubble, earth, rubbish, atoms, space and stars // things that already exist // old buildings, broken buildings, half finished buildings // stories, tales, myths, legends, rumours...

did an MA (commendation) under the direction of jane rendell entitled 'Bear Pits, Ball Courts and Jazz Pop Rooms - some notes on communal spaces in high rise housing' 

was shortlisted for RIBA Dissertation Presidents Medal (in the final 6) for 2007 diploma thesis: 'A Multifarious Mountain'