Monday, 21 September 2009

new feet, fresh eyes and curious ears

After far too many months languishing in the cupboard the thin shoes have been put back on. This time a rather more chic pair than those that walked me round Chile. These shoes are in Paris.

Four years in London and now I'm back in Paris. It is quite strange to return. To mix the familiar and the foreign. A new job, the same flat. A different morning bike ride, the same boulangerie in the evening. New flats and new families in the courtyard out the back, built around the same tree that has a beautiful name that we have both forgotten. The same market stall holders (the lady with a soft spot for Memo, the man with a long beard who sells fresh herbs), a new community garden full of flowers and tomato plants.

Proper posting will start soon.. (once the camera charger has been located amongst the flotsam and jetsam of moving house).

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